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RCA drc6272 Review

Portable Car DVD Player For Kids

4 star rating
RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players ...


RCA drc6272 Specifications:

Product Features

  • Twin mobile DVD players with seven-inch LCD displays
  • Play two different DVDs or watch the same one on both screens
  • Built-in speaker on both units; AV and headphone jacks
  • Plays DVDs, CDs and JPGs
  • Includes two AC power adapters, two remote controls, two car power adapters, and headrest mounting kits

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: RCA
  • Model: DRC6272
  • Display Size: 7.000 inches
  • Width: 8.0 inches
  • Height: 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 5.45 pounds

Reasons to choose the RCA drc6272

  • Two 7" LCD screen mobile DVD players
  • Headrest mounting kits
  • Two remote controls
  • AV cable
  • Car power adapter which powers both players
  • Additional car power adapter for use in multiple vehicles
  • Two AC power adapters

            rca drc6272 remotes       rca drc6272 twin mobile dvd players

                              It Plays:                                            It Connects to:
                              DVDs                                                Game Consoles
                              CDs                                                  TVs
                              JPGs                                                 DVD Players

  The DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD players by RCA make long road trips fun and peaceful for all. The 7 inch screens coupled with the headphone jack located on each player allows a personal theater experience.

  Choose to watch your own DVD or the same DVD at the flip of a switch. Also choose video games or connect to TV at home or hotel.

There are velcro straps for attaching each player to the back of a car head rest and each player has a stand for table top viewing.


  • Separate remotes keep kids safely buckled up
  • Color coded remotes make for easy ID, one does not affect the other
  • Headphone jacks allow for private listening.(not included)
  • If one goes down you have another as backup
  • Sets up easily in minutes
  • 2 different movies can be played at the same time
  • Comes with 2 adapters so you can put them in separate cars
  • Comes with power adapter so you can use in hotel/home
  • Comes with a split charger power cord so only one outlet is needed per set.


Tips for the RCA drc6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players 

  • If you have tapered head rests you will need to loop it around the metal head rest posts instead of the head rest itself. The strap is just one long strip of velcro that works but not overly secure - Or check out below, a case with hanging straps.
  • If your back seat travelers are old enough to operate a remote and you don't make frequent stops, you will like this model as it is a good value.
  • To prevent losing your remotes add a little piece of velcro to both the remotes and players or back of seat and attach when not using.
  • Headphones are a separate purchase but completely worth it. see these for kids:
  • For a case see the  Case Logic PDVD-9 7-9-Inch Dual Scre...  

 RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Players ...

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