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Debadging A Car

Watch the video below and learn to remove dealership car badges or any car emblems on your vehicle for a cleaner look.  You can also remove emblems to send to us to gold plate if you are out of Minnesota. If you live in the state of Minnesota we can gold plate right on the car and removing emblems is not necessary.

In this you tube video, it shows the easiest way to remove a car emblem.  I recommend that the vehicle sit in the sun to "heat up" the tape under the emblem so it is easier to cut through. If it is not a warm day then heat it up with a hair dryer until you can slightly move the emblem.

 Take 10 pound fishing line, wrap it around your fingers just like flossing your teeth. Staying close to the vehicle with the line, do a back and forth sawing motion from one side of the emblem to the other and remove the car badge.

Peel up corner of remaining tape left over on the vehicle and pull up on corner and then out and toward you at a 45 degree angle until the tape comes off.  Take some Goo Gone or Naphtha and apply to a soft micro fiber cloth and wipe away any residue or leftover tape. 

With soapy water wash off the Goo Gone or Naphtha and then rinse or towel dry. Move on to the next emblem. 

WARNING: If you have one emblem where all the letters are connected and want to save it, make sure to hold fishing line close to vehicle and cut through till you almost reach the end of the emblem and then hold emblem with your finger close to the car so it doesn't break or fall and scratch your paint.

Chrome emblems with letters that are connected are fragile and can break very easily so be very careful with longer emblems. Don't let them bend over and hold them in place so they don't fall and scratch your vehicle , especially if it is a larger heavier chrome or steel badge.


Items needed:  2 micro fiber towels, Goo Gone or Naphtha, 10lb. fishing line, soapy water, plain rinse water, dryer or a hot day.  

 You may want to pre wash your vehicle or at least wash around each car badge to remove dirt and prevent any damage like small paint scratches.

You can also order new chrome emblems through your local dealership if you want brand new shiny unscratched emblems, especially if yours are looking a little beat up. If you want us to gold plate anything for you, when you order them, have them shipped directly to us to save you some cash and we can then ship to you after applying gold. Just go to our contact page and email us. We take PayPal as of now.

New emblems are not that cheap so removing and plating the emblems already on the vehicle will save you a lot of money.  If they are dull and scratched though get new ones as you know, if they are dull and scratched as chrome they will be dull and scratched as gold.  You could try to pre polish and use a scratch remover likeScratch Pro - A Revolutionary Soluti... Then be sure to add the protectiveLiquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Po... after gold plating.



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