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For those who want to promote gold plating as a menu choice in their business:

    dealerships in MN, car repair services, car wash services, car service centers, quick service oil change centers, car detail service

 order gold kits if out of state,

This Framed 15x19 mini poster can be hung in your lobby or entrance area of your business, which will draw the attention of your customer or place a card on display or hand out (see below) and ask if they would like to add 24k gold to their vehicles' emblems, grilles, wheel rims and logos. 

  gold plating service "Ask Us About Gold Plating"-repair shops   

 (15x19 framed mini poster)

  toyota emblems  "Ask Us About Gold Plating" - Toyota Dealerships

Please email us to receive our free framed poster as a part of using our service in the Mpls., St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. (out of area-you can purchase ($85) or have us create one for your specialized dealership- please email us)

Countertop display postcards- add your sticker or stamp with your business phone# for clients to take with them to make appointments at a later date. (our name is not on these cards)

gold plating post cards     countertop card for clients

Call us for a service appointment or send customer to make appointment.  You choose the markup.

See our Contact Page

 Automotive Businesses:
How You Can Increase Your Profit

A unique and profitable way for Dealerships or other automotive businesses to increase their profits is to offer your customers an uncommon upgrade. You can offer a custom look with an auto gold plating package. Most people don't buy a car strictly for practical reasons and everyone wants to feel special and stand out from the crowd.

Gold Plating car emblems and wheel logos will add a touch of class that is not available everywhere. If you are selling a new or used luxury or upscale type vehicle, your buyer most likely wants to be noticed. 

There are many possibilities such as: car emblems, hubcaps, wheel logos, wheel rims, door handles, fenders, bumpers, window chrome, chrome mirrors, luggage racks, grille emblems, full and partial grilles, exhaust tips, keys, lug nuts, hood ornaments, steering wheel logos or any interior chrome items (if you remove and apply again for us)  

The most common metals to gold plate are chrome, we also do silver and stainless steel. We have done brass but it is a duller look. One thing to remember is if it is shiny when you start, it will look like shiny gold. If there are scratches and dullness, order a new emblem or polish and repair before hand as the gold reflects the metal it has been added to. 

                  Create A Special One Time Offer 

To increase sales you may want to offer the customer a better deal if they purchase the gold plating package that same day (but can make appointment to have it done for another day) Also if you or the same customer adds another vehicle, motorcycle or faded gold item, an extra discount can be offered. 

If your customer is not interested at purchase time, give them a "countertop post card" to take with them or just put in the glove box of all your newly sold vehicles. These cards will have your dealership (or auto business) stamp or sticker on the back to call you for an appointment at a later date.

 Our business name or number is not on the card. You can call us and we will come and service the vehicle at your dealership or business. If you need any other special service, we are willing to work it out. Our aim is to please.

You can also give our number out so there is no phone tag for quick customer service.

There is no hassle or upfront expense to you, we can gold plate a showroom floor vehicle and pay us when it sells, you choose your markup. We also offer a discount for more than one vehicle package per trip. Some dealerships we have worked with have doubled their price, it's not uncommon for dealerships to charge $500 for a standard gold plating package. For convenience, some businesses give the customer our number so we can give a personal service right at their home, weather permitting.

To contact us by email or message line see our Contact page. Be sure to let us know if you want immediate same day service and we will get back to you a.s.a.p. Many times we are called to service within 24hours and the only time we are unable is if we are out of state, otherwise we have been able to give same day service for dealerships whenever it was needed including holidays and Sundays. 

We offer a 1 year warranty on used vehicles or 3 year, 36K mile warranty for new vehicles and discounts for future touch ups (if needed) for your customer. You can also refer to our Gold Plating Service About Us page for more information about gold plated emblem care which should be mentioned to the customer to keep their gold looking good. 

                              Gold Care 

The gold should last as long as they own the vehicle (guarantee not transferable to 2nd owner without registering)  (It is recommended to protect emblems with the waxless best car polish and not to wax emblems. It is also recommended not to rub emblems hard to shine them up, just wash with a gentle soap and water, rinse and lightly dry with a towel, that’s it! (and preferably use the best car polish protectant as we recommend)

So thanks for keeping us in mind and remember you can increase your customer value by offering an Auto Gold Plating package.

P.S. If your auto related business has a website- please consider adding our link as another helpful resource for your customers, let your customers know about us. Thank you!



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