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Car Organizing Tips For
A Stress Free Ride

  A study done by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that drivers that take their eyes off the road to reach for something like a cell phone, CD or coffee are nine times more likely to cause an accident.

     Many of us are driving a junk drawer on wheels and all that clutter can be hazardous to your health and safety. Loose objects like umbrellas, pens or loose coins can become deadly projectiles that could strike you or your passengers if you brake hard or have a collision.  

     These days we are using our vehicles differently. We are multi tasking and carrying extra equipment or items needed for multiple stops or errands along our way.

 Experience a stress free ride by having the things you need during your drive readily available right next to you and not on the floor in the back seat. Remember you are operating heavy equipment and one wrong move could be fatal. 

8 Car Organizing Tips

1. Get rid of broken items, old paper, food wrappers and seasonal gear, get a clip on sunglass holder at the dollar store or a piece of rubber material for your dash to keep glasses from flying to other side of the car. ( material for keeping floor rugs in place) 

2. Place an in and out box by your garage door for daily in and out items like: a bag of library books to return or paperwork in folders or in a box.

3. Hang up a white board by the door to remind you what to bring the next day so you'll never forget anything. 

4. Hang a small bag over the front seat with
                 High Road SwingAway™ Driver Or...                                       

5. Get a           High Road TrashStandtrad; Floor Litt...
made to sit over the center part of the floor, or just tape a bag to the side of dash or console and empty or throw every time you stop for gas. Use a tote bag if you want to be a part of the green movement.

6. Don't forget about the rolling pop cans, games, books or toys that can slide under the seat or under the foot pedals.
                     Rola 59002 M.O.V.E. Soft-Base Interi...      

(I hope no one has ever left a pop can in their car in freezing or super hot weather because it's not as easy to clean up after the explosion as the household freezer may be.
Keep cans in     Wagan EL2296 10.5 Liter Personal Fri...

a mini cooler

7.While you are waiting for someone, picking up the kids from their activities or in line for gas, look through the glove box, floors and trunk. Take out what's not needed and place in a bag to throw or bring back in the house.

8. Use Auto Organizers like
                    Hopkins Go Gear INTORG-BLA Black Con...
Truck Bed Organizers 
Hopkins Go Gear CMPTORG-BLA Black Co...

 Kid travel pal               Sunshine Kids Travel-Pal            

to keep things from sliding around and prevent spillage stains.


Declutter with Storage Systems:

 In the glove box remember to keep insurance card, accident forms and owner's manual.

  • In ash tray or maybe you have a dashboard cubby area which are good to keep coins in (in zip coin wallet or cosmetic bag)

  • Use spring cord cables or velcro to secure bins of books, toys and papers in the back seat or use a trunk organizer system. Some trunks have the cargo netting you can hook up from left side to right side to hold grocery bags- also use them to keep equipment from rolling around. 

  • For more room on long trips, see the car Roof storage system   Highland 10391 Kar Pak Rainproof Sof...      

Set up a bag in the garage or laundry room for charities or thrift store donations. Some charities will come and pick up your stuff, like The Lupus Foundation, Disabled Vets, Courage Center or Good Will. Call your local thrift store or charity and ask if they will do a pick up - many will come for larger items but some will come just for a few bags!

Start your de-clutter campaign today with these car organizing tips and with a little preparation and organization you are well on your way for a stress free ride!

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