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What is Electroplating?

Electro-plating has been around for about 200 years. In electroplating, an electric current is used in a tank bath (or with a wand as we do), to apply one metal to another. We apply gold plating made of 24K to chrome auto emblems, stainless steel and have added it to mechanical parts in the medical field for corrosion prevention.  Adding gold to silver or stainless steel, such as on a watch, can make gold jewelry more affordable.

The first electric battery was created in 1805 and developed by Alessandro Volta. The process using the first battery was created by Luigi Brugatelli. The French Academy of Sciences disagreed with Mr. Brugatelli’s theory and the technology was held back for a period of time. Now the electroplating process is well known and highly desirable for autos, jewelry, corrosion prevention and more .

During a tank bath process, the metal to be electro plated is given a negative charge and placed into the tank of salt water with metallic particles of the desired metal for plating. Then the positive electric charge passes through the salt and metal bath so the particles cling to the metal with the negative charge. For a thicker coating, the metal is left in longer, but if left in too long, the item can be ruined.

We use an auto gold plating machine with a cathode, anode or an application wand and then a ground lead. Most car emblems are made of 80% plastic with a chrome finish that makes it easier to gold plate. As shown in the photo above, Steve is removing the chrome from the emblem right on the vehicle. Paint is not conductible material so this process will not harm your vehicle in any way. If you are out of state you can order a gold kit and apply yourself or have a auto repair person do it for you. You can also remove your existing emblems and mail emblems to us to gold plate, then reattach with a strong adhesive double sided tape. Watch a video on how to debadge a car.


The Gold Plating Process

    After removing the chrome we spray the emblem with water to rinse off the chemical. This water and all chemicals are caught with a sheet of plastic taped just under the emblem being worked on. The liquid drains down the plastic into a special container and disposed of properly in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and laws of the State of Minnesota.

After the exposed nickel is electrochemically activated, the 24K gold will adhere when applied.  We then rinse off the activation chemical and inspect the auto emblem for proper results.

With a special regulated power supply from a pure direct current source, we apply the 24K gold with an exact voltage (5 volts) while the emblem is still activated from the solution. The gold is applied in circular motions and each pass of circles delivers about 3-5 micro-inches. We warranty our gold plating service so we apply six passes of circles or around 30 micro inches of gold. Don't be fooled by cheap competition prices that may apply a thinner plate and do not offer a warranty such as ours.

In the last step the finished emblem is spray rinsed with water and inspected again. Even though 24K gold is soft, our plating product gives a surface that is more than twice as hard as a non-hardened gold plate.

We invest in the best electro-plating chemical products and equipment on the market and you can be assured that you are receiving the best gold plating product available. The gold we use is suspended in a gel like solution manufactured to exact standards specifically for what we do to create the most brilliant, beautiful 24K gold finish available.

For gold plating jewelry you may have thought about doing it yourself, but beware of the cheap dipping liquids as they only deposit a very thin layer and you couldn't sell your items as "gold plated". You may want to get a gold plating pen system for jewelry and small items and a good one is about $400. You could do it as a hobby type business to recover the cost of your investment and sell gold plated silver at flea markets, Craig’s List, on a free blog website or on a web 2.0 property etc. To find out more see18 AMP Jewelry Gold Plating Machine ...

 and see books on how to  and

For gold care see our about us page 


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